Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial, and Oil Field Welding in Central Alberta.


Inline Welding Ltd. is an established business with years of experience in the oilfield welding business. We offer services that best fit your specific needs. Our services range from in-shop fabrication to on-site repairs. We have team of experts who are experienced in welding with different materials such as steel and aluminum among others.

Our team is focused, experienced, creative and disciplined. We give top level services with solutions that are cost effective.

We are a professional company that strives to give solutions and advice to our clients to achieve their goals. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate on your project.


Our major welding services include:

Shop Fabrication
The variety of plans and designs that we get from our customers are a testament to out to our abilities in welding. Our experienced team is effective in quality fabrication work, and is equipped with tools to handle any customized job. We have tools to fit any job, include cranes for heavy lifting, cutting machines, and bays for fabrication.

Casing bowls
The Casing bowls welds are performed by welders who are qualified and competent. Inline Welding Ltd. offers this service and we make sure we follow all the procedures and specifications. We deliver quality work as our highest priority.

When it comes to planning and designing, we are number one. With a wide range of materials that are available, we are both competent and experienced. We use high standard tools to produce quality results.

Well abandonment
In our oilfield welding, we also solve issues on well abandonment. When a well is no longer active and has been left with no use, it is usually the responsibility of the owners to fix. The conditions of well abandonment can cause hazardous situations and limit development in the area.

Having that in mind, we have the state of the art equipment for the job. Our experts use less time than our competitors and take safety very seriously.

Apart from the above named services that we offer, we also pride ourselves in a company that makes a follow up and advice to our customers. Any customized welding service that you want done, Inline Welding Limited is here for you.